Michael Moates Michael Moates is a featured author in many publications. Covering numerous controversial topics, Michael has a strong conservative voice and is willing to stand up for what he believes in. He is featured in The Millennial Post, Independent Journal Review, Hypeline News, and Campus Reform.

Devon Martinez Devon is an undergraduate student majoring in Political Science at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs. He also is the President of his campuses Young Americans for Liberty. He has experiences in the online news world, and created his own site Jefferson Youth News.

Joshua Heckathorn The Editor-In-Chief of TNT, Joshua Heckathorn was born in Maryland and currently resides in North Carolina. A young outspoken advocate of free market Capitalism, Constitutionally limited government, and Individual rights. His objective he says is“I wish to promote a freer American society both economically as well as intellectually.” Articles of his have been reshared and praised by figures such as Radio host Joe Walsh, Daria Novak, and on the campaign site of former LP presidential candidate Austin Petersen.

Joshua Speer Born and raised in Texas. I am an economics student, an editor and student ambassador for PragerU's student ambassador program, a former Young Americans for Liberty chapter president, and staff writer for my previous campus newspaper in Denver.

Fabienne Fleurantin Fabienne Fleurantin is a writer for The Narrative Times. She is currently a student at Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in in Journalism and a minor in English. She is an avid lover of writing, reading and lively debates. "Fight for what's right, and you'll never know what you'll get in return."

Ashton Bruno Ashton is a classical liberal and aspiring doctor. She will be attending pre-med school this fall. She hopes to become a journalistic voice for the importance of conservatism in modern times.

Kelly Heilman Kelly was born in Connecticut, raised on the Jersey Shore, and currently attends Sewanee: The University of the South in Tennessee as a sophomore Politics major. She is addicted to country music, Milo Yiannopoulos, and advancing conservatism. She is Founder and Chairman of her school's Young Americans for Freedom chapter and a member of College Republicans, Kappa Delta sorority, and Vegan Club. In the future, she hopes to work as a full-time mother and wife and as a leader for the conservative movement.

River Johnson My name is River Johnson and I am a Business Finance Major at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. I am minoring in math and entrepreneurship and enjoy reading and writing in my free time. I have always been steeped in politics, philosophy, and religion since I was very young however I've only been a conservative for about 2 years. The switch was in large part thanks to me joining the small business community as I work for BING Promotional Products (a small business marketing firm) and The Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center. I consider myself a classical liberal and a constitutional conservative. Above all, my political philosophy was shaped by the federalist papers written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison. My Idols include Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Brad Shepard Brad Shepard is a distinguishable polemicist who enjoys covering politics and holding government accountable.

In his free time, Brad enjoys professional wrestling, TV/movies, sports and spending time with friends and family.

You can follow Brad on Twitter at @TheBradShepard.

Tom Olohan Tom Olohan is a contributor for The Narrative Times, The Rouser, The USA Herald, Campus Reform, and PragerU. He primarily writes on foreign policy, especially U.S. Foreign Policy, Syria, Israel, and Iraqi Kurdistan. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in History and Medieval Studies, Thomas is now a graduate student at Boston College, where he studies political theory. He has previously worked at Eagle Publishing and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Tom Olohan lives in Warrenton, Virginia with his ten younger brothers and sisters.

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Kaitlynn Critchfield Kaitlynn Critchfield is a freshman at West Virginia University studying political science. In addition to posting videos on her YouTube channel, she writes for The College Fix, Campus Reform, Future Female Leaders, Red Alert Politics, and is Vice President at her local Turning Point USA Chapter. Her involvement on campus also includes The WVU College Republicans and National Model United Nations. Her career plan is to be the next Megyn Kelly.

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Rebecca Ruiz Rebecca Ruiz is currently a student at UC San Diego majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in American Politics. She is the Secretary at the College Republicans and an active member all around. In addition, she aspires to become a political commentator as well as a political journalist.

Brennan Albrecht Brennan is an undergraduate at Brigham Young University studying political science. His love for the American legal system drew him to write for the Narrative Times Legal Column, where he commentates on recent Supreme Court decisions and important issues in constitutional law. He plans on attending law school to further his knowledge and influence about such issues.
His experience as an intern for the Provo City (Utah) Justice Court and the US Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia have given him excellent exposure to the law. He is fluent in Spanish and is an accomplished musician.

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Ahnaf Kalam Ahnaf studies international studies and political science at the University of Colorado. He writes on issues surrounding US foreign policy, national security, and Middle East affairs.

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Dr. Kelli Ward Kelli Ward, a family physician, and former Arizona state senator is opposing Sen. Jeff Flake in the GOP primary.

Corey Fauconier Corey "Sage" Fauconier is a native of Cambria Heights, New York who currently resides in the Highland Springs section of Henrico County, Virginia.

Corey joined the Libertarian Party of Virginia in 2015. Since he joined he has been active in spreading liberty. He was the first African American Communications Chair February 2016 - April 2017. He ran for Virginia State Senate in the special election in January 2017. Currently, Corey is the Chairman of the Virginia Libertarian Campaign Committee (VLCC) a political action committee charged with raising money for Libertarian candidates in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Corey is an independent Hip Hop artist who uses the kinetic energy of music to attract listeners to liberty. He found success in July 2015 when he recorded "Nice: Libertarian Theme Song for Carl Loser, Libertarian Candidate for Virginia State Senate 10th District.

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Austin Mulka Austin Mulka is a Campus Coordinator at Students for Liberty and the owner and host of the podcast Suffrage and Sovereignty. As a musician, martial artist, and philosopher, Austin devotes his time reading, learning, and experiencing everything he can about life and its wonders. He is currently studying linguistics at the University of Michigan - Dearborn and hopes to go on to pursue a Ph.D. and career in cognitive sciences.

Tristian Beard Tristian Beard is a Christian Conservative political activist, author, and the Founder and National Executive Director of Christian Conservative Students of America. He served as state chairman for Teens for Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

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Corrie Faith Lee Corrie is a first year Juris Doctor/Master Public Administration student at Regent University School of Law & Robertson School of Government. She serves as The Narrative Time's Chief of Staff, and co-host of Conservative Coffee Hour. She is passionate about free markets and free speech and is also a contributing writer to the College Fix and a Cabinet Member at Future Female Leaders.

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Alec Ernst Alec is a high school and vocational student studying IT- Networking. Alec has volunteered on the Trump Campaign in Pennsylvania and currently serves the Trump Administration as a White House Volunteer. Alec is also involved in 2018 election campaigns throughout PA. Alec is part of The Narrative Time's social media team as he has derived personal success in the form of both views and the ability to turn a profit from self-taught social media skills. Alec can be found on Instagram and Twitter @realalecernst.

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