Joshua Heckathorn was born in Maryland and currently resides in North Carolina. He is a young, outspoken advocate of free market capitalism, constitutionally limited government, and individual rights. His goal? “I wish to promote a freer American society, both economically and intellectually.” Some of his articles have been widely shared and praised by figures such as congressional candidate Daria Novak, radio host Joe Walsh, and former LP presidential candidate, Austin Petersen.

From a young age, he loved history, filled with the politics of the times. Over the years, he read dozens of articles a day and many books by various authors in his free time, to expand his knowledge of the political world. As a teen, he enthusiastically joined the Cruz Presidential Campaign and rose to the rank of State Director over the State Of California for Teens For Ted. After the campaign was suspended, he joined Turning Point USA and began writing for Hypeline News. At Hypeline he wrote dozens of articles garnering tens of thousands of shares over time. Later on, he worked with American Youth in Politics for a brief time before honorably resigning to co-found The Narrative Times with Michael Moates.

He has a burning passion for all things political, historical, and philosophical. He plans to attend Brigham Young University to major in Economics. In his free time, he enjoys writing, reading, and all things American.

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