Bannon is out as Chief Strategist

August 18, 2017 Devon Martinez

  On Friday, August 18th, the Trump Administration fired chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon, who helped Trump win the 2016 election. Bannon had clashed with other Senior West Wing advisers, the White House press secretary Sarah


Forget Politics – Change the World Yourself

August 2, 2017 Austin Mulka

  Forget Politics – Change the World Yourself As an advocate of liberty, promoting a non-interventionist philosophy proved counter productive. Albeit good intentions, the majority of people I was reaching were apathetic to politics. Thus,


Analyzing Trump’s New Obamacare Strategy

August 1, 2017 Tom Olohan

As Congress goes on vacation, President Trump threatened representatives and their staffers with the loss of their generous government-provided health care benefits.   After holding several votes, Republicans have been unable to even partially repeal Obamacare. 


PELOSI: I’ll Never Resign

July 30, 2017 DailyWire

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has had a long run. At 77 — and a multi-millionaire — the California Democrat could ride off into the sunset. But the former Speaker of the House said Sunday