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When A Former President Breaks Precedent

June 24, 2017 Ethan Suquet

The Letters of the Past On January 20th, 2009 two things happened simultaneously. One of them was that George W. Bush stopped being President of the United States and the other was that Barack Obama

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The Fight for a Smaller Government

June 15, 2017 Ethan Suquet

As conservatives, our first belief is in a smaller government. As Rand Paul likes to say “A government so small you can barely see it.” We always try to fight for lower taxes, and for

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The Free Market Place of Ideas: Why It Matters

April 27, 2017 Matthew Good

“Free-speech protections—not only but especially in universities, which aim to educate students in how to belong to various communities—should not mean that someone’s humanity, or their right to participate in political speech as political agents,

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Capitalism: Self Interest or Selfishness?

April 23, 2017 Matthew Good

One of capitalism’s major criticisms centers around selfishness and greed. Supposedly, free markets promote selfishness and greed in such a harsh, dog-eat-dog world. Driven by the almighty dollar, we’ll all become so consumed with clawing

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The Venezuelan Case Against Socialism

April 23, 2017 David McLaughlin

During the 2016 presidential election, thousands of young adults came out in support for the Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders. These adults are unfortunate enough to begin believing the Left’s lies on how to achieve a

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Rational Actors and Irrational Actions

April 22, 2017 Parker Burchett

It is a postulate, in the field of economics that actors are rational. This, on the face, appears ridiculous. Rational choices are not always made by the business, foolish investments are made, CEOs embezzle from